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keep me awake..

LPKEE, 6 minutes to midnight..

i’m gonna sleep here tonight.. well, quiet long time ago after my last time i slept in the lab. approximately one and half year ago when i was working for my ‘oranyemanis’ (‘oranyemanis’ is codename for my final project :D ) to pursue my graduation. at that time i was so often staying in the lab since so many trouble of oranyemanis i had to solve. just like a kid without feeling tired.. just extra spirit to finish those work

the reason i choose to not come home tonight is i have to read a book, if i try to read it at home, i will not make it for sure, sleeping until the next morning.. like always.  i will have a test in next monday and tomorrow i will have plenty job to do, so i thought i have to read it tonight, in case i do not have much spare time tomorrow. beside that, i’m alone at home right now due to my homemate is going back to his hometown.. hehehe, so staying here right now is the best choice.. hopefully i can get the spirit of one and half year ago..

but.. after one chapter passed (from three chapters i have to read), my eyes are not compromise anymore.. hehehe.. and my brain start to reduce its pace of thinking. well its time to take a little break i think.. hahahaha (trying to find a good reason to sleep.. while watching ManUnited vs. Reading)

the temperature is dropping here..

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One thought on “keep me awake..

  1. great, keep the good work

    Posted by amir | January 20, 2008, 7:05 am

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