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john grisham’s


recently, i read two novels of john grisham

the summons

the street lawyer

Those are my first experience  to read novels by famous john grisham. As others john grisham’s novel main story line, both novels also in ‘legal thriller’ story line.

The Summons is about Ray Atlee, a Virginia University law professor, and his younger brother Forrest Atlee. Both facing the situation dead of their aging father, the famous clanton’s Judge Atlee. Ray found three millions dollar in cash at Judge Atlee’s house at the time Judge Atlee was dead. The conflict begin as Ray Atlee try to find the source of money, wheter it illegal or legal, while in other side someone has known the money and pursuing Ray.

The Street Lawyer is Michael Brock, a young, potential, and wealthy D.C attorney who work for Drake and Sweeney Law Firm. The story begin with hostage drama at D&S law firm, by DeVon Hardy, a homeless due to malprocedure conducted by D&S law firm. Michael realized and decide to jump into street and facing his former law firm.

I like how john grisham told the story and how he makes the legal plot into the story. But in my opinion the tension of the story is not very high, maybe because basically i am a fan of science fiction story which usually has high tension story. Its kinda slow plot story playing with legal scenario. If I could compare those both novels, I would put The Summons in top of The Street Lawyer because I could find relatively higher tension in The Summons rather than The Street Lawyer which is ‘predictable’ ending story. Overall those was good reading but I’ll give just average points.

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One thought on “john grisham’s

  1. You should read A Time to Kill or The Client. Those are both amazing John Grisham novels.


    Posted by kcd75 | November 1, 2009, 12:14 pm

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